Black Welsh Mountain Sheep for Sale

Black Welsh Mountain sheep are the only pure black breed of sheep from the United Kingdom They are listed as “Threatened” by the The Livestock Conservancy.  We currently have registered Black Welsh Mountain sheep available for sale as foundation breeding stock.IMG00957-20120509-1039

2016 Prices Are:

Non registered but pure bred Black Welsh
ewes 1-3 years old             $250.00

Registered pure bred Black Welsh ewes 1-2 years old   $450.00

Registered purebred Black Welsh ewes 3-4 years old    $300.00

Older Black Welsh ewes (5-6 yrs) still breeding/
exposed to registered ram    $200.00

Registered Black Welsh rams breeding age
(12-18 months)                    $750.00

Registered Black Welsh ram lambs                      $350.00

39 thoughts on “Black Welsh Mountain Sheep for Sale

  1. I’m so glad I found your website! I have been looking to start a small flock of hand-spinning quality BWMS. Please tell me what you may have available in the way of a beginning breeding flock. I can’t wait to hear from you!

    Patricia Schneider
    Viroqua, WI

  2. looking for a ram for next fall. I need one that will not go gray in a year or two. my ewes stay black. My one ewe is 8 and is now going gray on here flank only. I am looking for a ram with a good disposition. We are in with the rams to much to have mean rams. I normally buy show rams just so I don’t have issues with them being mean.

  3. Hi!
    I’m looking for smarter flock. Would like one ram and two ewes. We would use foe 4H projects and for wool.

    John Mills

  4. I’m looking for a registered 1 to 2 year old ewe that doesn’t have the desert way( spelling not correct) blood line. Email me back with your blood lines you have.

    • Hi John. I lost several older ewes this winter from old age. I don’t think I can let any of my younger ewes go right now. Also, all my younger ewes are sired by Desert Weyr Mynock or one of his sons. I will be getting a new ram this fall. Thank you for checking, though. Lynn.

  5. Hi, I just found your site and enjoyed reading about your farm. We have black welsh sheep, here in the Pacific Northwest – it’s our first year raising them. I see that you said your rams are easy to handle. We were told not to “handle” the ram, that makes them mean. Any comments on this ? Our ram is not mean, just very piggy when it comes to food, and he will push all the ewes and lambs out of the way to get what he wants. He is afraid of us, and mostly keeps his distance unless I have food. He only pushed me once when he thought I was not giving out food quickly enough. Now I’m very careful to keep an eye on where he is, and I don’t let him get too close to me. Would be interested in your thoughts and experience on handling rams. Thanks, Nancy in the North West

    • Hi Nancy. Thank you for your comment, and for looking at my page. Except for summer, when they are on pasture, I separate the rams from the rest of the flock. I think it depends on how you handle the rams and what time of year it is. During the rut, or when the ewes are in heat, I would not turn my back on a ram. The rest of the year they are very mellow. I only scratch them UNDER the chin, not on the top of their heads or on their faces. I don’t know for sure if that makes a difference. Also, for the long term improvement of he breed, I cull any rams that are aggressive.

  6. Hello!

    Do you still have sheep available for this fall? What do you recommend for a starter flock for a first time shepherd? I have a farm in Ashland, WI with a barn and fenced in pasture.

    Thank you!

  7. Looking for some ewes. I have a great ram. Just need some black welsh mountain ewes for him. He’s registered so I probably want ewes to be also.

  8. Hello. I’m looking to start a small pure bred registered flocked that i can sell as breeding stock and into the meat market, would you be able to let me know what you have available would be looking to pick them up mid summer. prefer lambs that i can raise up.

    thank you

    Dillon Baleja

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