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We welcome calls, emails and visitors here at Chengwatana Farm.

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Visitors are welcome at the farm – every season has something fun and exciting happening. We hope to provide an opportunity for young people (of all ages) to learn about natural ways of growing, cooking, preserving, and healing, as well as a variety of survival skills and crafts. Winter is as serenely beautiful as summer at Chengwatana Farm.

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  1. I am interested in your post regarding business partner, I possess 25 years in Architecture and Construction, in addition I was raised on an East Texas farm with Livestock and produce.

    It has been many years, but I am seeking a place to retire and a farm seems perfect.

    Please forward some examples of your proposal or financial desires.
    214 324 3450 hm 214 695 5317 cell

  2. I am very interested in adding some BWMS to my flock. 2-4 ewes and a ram to start. We currently raise Leicester Longwools. Do you guys have any breeding stock and/or lambs for sale currently? Email is the best way to get in touch with me. Thanks so much!!

  3. Hello Lynn. I would be interested to hear more of you ideas for any communal endeavor at your farm. My partner and I are interested in re-locating into the area there and would like to find a place to farm and live. Thanks kevin

  4. Dear Lynn. I have 130 acres of pasture and forest on the top of a mountain in NW Arkansas. We currently raise Black Angus cattle, a variety of free range chickens, some ducks and two colonies of honey bees. I suspect that our philosophy of self sufficiency is much like your own. We too have an orchard and large garden to supply much of our groceries. I have attended several local agricultural fairs and have become convinced that we need a small flock of sheep to complete our family. I am particularly fascinated by the Black Welsh Mountain breed and would like to go that route. I would require 3 ewes ( purebred but not necessarily registered) and a young ram. If possible I would like the ewes to be bio diverse with diifferent bloodlines. I would welcome your reply and expertise with the selection process.

    • Hi Ernest. I will put you on my list and give some thought to a starter flock. It would likely include purebred but not registered ewes and a registered ram. Let’s talk when lambs are weaned in June. God bless. Lynn.

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