Products we proudly purvey

Here’s a list of what we produce for sale at Chengwatana Farm:

  • Brown eggs from free-range hens fed certified organic feed
  • Pastured broiler chickens supplemented with certified organic feed
  • 100% grass-fed lamb (supplemented with mineral and kelp)
  • Organically grown vegetables and fruit (we don’t pay for the certification, but we do it)
  • Organic vegetable seedlings and plants produced here at the farm
  • Compost made from our own farm and garden products
  • Registered Black Welsh Mountain sheep breeding stock
  • Wool and wool products (yarn, roving, and custom knitted products) from our own sheep
  • American Tree Farm System certified well managed firewood, logs, and lumber.

2 thoughts on “Products we proudly purvey

  1. I saw your sheep and vendor display at the Shepard’s Harvest and would like to buy a couple skeins of yarn from you. How much is it again? Thank you!

    • Hi Catherine! I’m sorry it took me so long to get back to you. There’s something wrong with the notifications from this web site, apparently. I sell my yarn for $6.25/oz, including shipping. It comes in 4 oz skeins and two weights: Double-knitting or light worsted weight, sport weight, and regular worsted weight. You can mail your order and check to me (Lynn Mizner) at 47513 334th Pl., Palisade MN 56469-2264 and I will ship the same day. Happy knitting. Lynn.

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