A little mid-winter surprise

Black lambEven the most well thought-out plans can have unexpected outcomes!  My flock consists of pure-bred Black Welsh Mountain sheep.  You can read more about these absolutely delightful sheep on theSheep and Wool tab on the Chengwatana Farm website.   Anyway, I last fall I was fortunate enough to be able to acquire ten ewes from a friend who had to reduce her flock, and I brought them safely home, after a long journey.  My plan was to give these and my other 6 mature ewes to my new Bluefaced Leicester ram, Dougal, on November 15th.  Everything went according to schedule, and I sat back and anticipated my new cross-bred (“mule”) sheep, which would form the basis of a new and separate flock to market as grass-fed lamb.  Imagine my surprise when on February 25th I spied a tiny black lamb out in the snow!  Totally unprepared was I.  As I hurriedly prepared my lambing jugs, heat lamps, bottles, and teats I wondered how this could be — and realized that the ”girls” must have been in the family way before Dougal was able to have his way with them.

I called my friend, whose response was “ugh”.  As nature is wont to do, she sidestepped all my neat plans and somehow a ram lamb   apparently managed to fertilize  a bunch of ewes while my friend’s back was turned.  After the initial shock, I could definitely see the humor in this.  I’m not so sure about Dougal.  At any rate, Dougal’s lambs will be coming at the appointed time in April, when the sun is shining and the grass is beginning to grow.  So, he may have the last Baa! after all.